Search the current site (站内搜索)

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Search any site you’re on by the simple click of a button. The search is done not only on the 1 page you are viewing at the time you click as [Ctrl]+[F] does but instead Google is used to “site search” within ALL pages of the site. Search websites the easy way!

How to customize:
Right-click the ? “search this site” button, in the menu that pops up, click on “Options”. There you can:
● change the search engine that’s used to search on domains from Google to Yahoo, Bing, or Yandex (a Russian search engine);
● set the button to directly open the search engine instead of a ? popup;
● activate the feature to be able to search a domain from the context menu;
● activate the feature that lets you choose between subsites in the ? popup.


Want the same functionality in Firefox? Install the “Site Searcher” add-on from

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