Craigslist Peek

Craigslist Peek works on all Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace (Oodle) and eBayClassifieds, 58 同城 listings page. Multiple cities listing on craigslist.

I created this from my other Craigslist extension for cars section ( And hence Suggestions feature in the cars and motorcycle section.

Works in ‘list’ view of Craigslist. On top of page :
1. find : [ list | thumb | gallery | map ] words on top.
2. Click ‘list’
3. Reload or F5 page.

= Features =

* Short description under listing
* Images under listing
* Multiple cities listing. Lets you broaden your search area.
* Auto refresh listing to show latest ad
* Photo gallery
* Suggestions in cars & motorcycle section of craigslist
* Minimum model Year to current year range in cars & motorcycle section of craigslist
* Easily turn off / on this extension from the icon
* Easy Mark as Spam.
* Expands messages in craigslist Discussion forums (beta)
* Filter listing (beta). Search filter.
* Split listing to Multiple Columns.
* Fold / Expand list. Quick peek at titles.
* China cities supported too.

Original concepts.

This lets you show listings from multiple cities. This feature requires fast and powerful computer.

Seems new changes in Facebook Marketplace are identical to what I was doing with this extension, so now disabled other stuff and only doing image preview.

= Usage Tips =

* Enable / disable multiple cities or auto-refresh according to your need.

= Requirement =

Fast computer with fast internet connection.

== ISSUE ==

Need you to spread the word about it.

= My Extensions =

Beside Craigslist it also supports eBay Classifieds, Facebook MarketPlace (not working on FB for now. The site is just re-listing posts from Oodle and other listings.) and 同城.

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