Ultimate Video Downloader


Ultimate Video Downloader是一款免費擴展程序,可通過視頻和音頻文件的下載和播放選項為Chrome瀏覽器提供支持。安裝Ultimate Video Downloader後,只需點擊幾下,任何人都可以在幾分鐘內保存高質量的視頻和音樂。它比製作爆米花更快。

Ultimate Video Downloader音樂和視頻下載器可以在後台即時工作,查找視頻和音頻文件,而不會讓您從舒適的網上沖浪中轉移。一旦檢測到合適的內容,Ultimate Video Downloader Downloader將通過其圖標上的計數器通知您,指示在特定網頁上檢測到的視頻和音樂的數量。只需單擊Ultimate Video Downloader圖標即可打開Downloader彈出並選擇您現在要執行的操作 – 播放音樂,保存音樂,下載電影或觀看。

Ultimate Video Downloader是一個免費軟件,按原樣交付和分發,專門在Chrome Webstore中。 Ultimate Video Downloader團隊開放與客戶溝通,並準備根據用戶的需求和反饋改進視頻和音樂下載。

Convert content from watchable and listenable into downloadable.

Ultimate Video Downloader is a free extension that powers up Chrome browser with the download and play options for video and audio files. With Ultimate Video Downloader installed, anyone is able to save a high-quality video and music in just a few minutes, with just a few clicks. It’s faster than making popcorn.

Ultimate Video Downloader Music and Video Downloader works instantly, in a background, looking for a video and audio files, without diverting you from a comfortable web surfing. Once suitable content detected, Ultimate Video Downloader Downloader will notify you with a counter on it’s icon, indication the number of videos and music, that was detected on a certain webpage. Just click Ultimate Video Downloader icon to open Downloader pop up and choose what you want to do now – play music, save music, download movie or watch it.

Ultimate Video Downloader is a freeware, delivered and distributed as is, inside a Chrome Webstore exclusively. Ultimate Video Downloader team is opened for communication with it’s clients and ready to improve the video and music downloader in accordance with user’s demands and feedback.

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